Eggcited Thrillipede

Eggcited Thrillipede
"All Hands on Deck!"

Thrillipede served in the Millipede Military in the outer reaches of skylines. As the top pilot in his unit, Thrillipede was responsible for single-handedly blasting over 300 Greeble air ships out of the sky! When the Great Greeble War came to an end, he returned to his hometown of Flutter Bay as a celebrated hero. He was the talk of the town and everyone wanted to shake the many hands of the famous young pilot. News of his heroics eventually made their way to Captain Flynn at the Skylander Academy, who set out to determine if the stories were actually true. In a series of friendly challenges, the two pilots raced, soared through obstacles,and performed incredible stunts in front of a cheering Flutter Bay crowd. In each event, Thirillipede stood victorious, and was asked to join the Skylanders shortly after. Of course, Flynn later admitted he "let him win" so that Thrillipede wouldn't be embarrassed in front of his hometown.

Eggcited Thrillipede is the Spring special variant of Thrillipede for Skylanders SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is also the Buzz Wing.

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:270  Max Health420
Defense: 190  Speed50
Speed:140  Armor12
Luck:200  Critical Hit10
  Elemental Power25

All Attacks
Bug BombPress Attack 1 to throw cocoon grenades at your enemies slowing them down in a cloud of bugs.Free
Bug BrawlPress Attack 2 to use those arms and punch nearby enemies in your way.Free
CocoonedHold Attack 3 to wrap yourself in a cocoon, protecting yourself from damage, release to explode out and damage nearby enemies.500 Gold
Bug n’ CoverPress Attack 1 to throw a grenade into a swarm of dragonflies which slows enemy movement.700 Gold
Mind Your BeeswaxHold Attack 2 to prepare four sticky grenades that you can place as a trap in the ground or directly onto an enemy!900 Gold
CocootiesHold Attack 3 to wrap yourself in a cocoon protecting yourself from damage, release to explode out which damages and slows nearby enemies.
Prerequisite: Cocooned
1200 Gold
Mighty-morphosis Path
Better FlyHold Attack 3 to wrap yourself in a cocoon protecting yourself from damage, release to explode out and grow wings! While flying hold Attack 1 to bombard enemies with Bug Bombs!1700 Gold
Bugging OutIncrease damage of all thrown grenade projectiles.2200 Gold
Tick it to ‘EmPressing Attack 2 while jumping will toss sticky grenades below you.3000 Gold
Insistent Insect Path
Gnawing GnatsBug Bombs now cause a swarm of tiny insects to appear and do damage over time. Hitting targets again with Bug Bomb will remove the swarm and cause extra damage.1700 Gold
Nesting GnatsThe damage over time caused by the swarming insects can stack up to 5 times, doubling its damage.
Prerequisite: Gnawing Gnats
2200 Gold
Insect EpidemicTargets affected by the damage over time from the swarm explode spreading the swarm to nearby enemies.
Prerequisite: Nesting Gnats
3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
BeautifliesWhen Sticky Grenades blow up, they will release butterflies that heal you when caught.4000 Gold

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