Dr. Neo Cortex (Sensei)

Dr. Neo Cortex (Sensei)



A wormhole has opened in Skylands and the great Aku Aku appears! He comes to announce the once-in-two-decades Synchronization Celebration -- it is the time when all the worlds align perfectly. All the inhabitants of Wumpa Island are having a huge party in the Wumpa Islands and want to invite the Skylanders. But Dr. Neo Cortex has created a sinister machine to harness this incredible energy for his own evil purposes, only to watch it go completely haywire. Now Dr. Neo Cortex must partner with Crash Bandicoot to stop the machine before Wumpa Islands are completely shaken apart!

Dr. Neo Cortext is a Tech element (guest) Skylander who is a Sensei of the Sorcerer class in Skylanders Imaginators. He comes with the special Crash Edition Starter Pack for the PS4. He will also be released in the Thumpin' Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack which will be released before the holidays 2016 for all systems.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:260  Attack:8
Defense: 120  Defense:6
Speed:200  Speed:8
Luck:200  Luck:8

All Attacks
Blaster BeamPress Attack 1 to shoot enemies with the blaster pistol.Free
Mask the PainPress Attack 2 to damage and push back nearby enemies.Free
What's Mine is YoursPress Attack 3 to throw a mine. Mines will try to launch enemies towards other mines.500 Gold
HoverboardHold Attack 3 to ride a hoverboard and knock enemies around before it explodes.700 Gold
Multi-MinePress Attack 3 to throw a mine that launches another mine upon landing.900 Gold
Mask Horray-AidPress Attack 2 to block projectiles during Uka Uka's attack.1200 Gold
Gadgets Galore Path
N. Tropy's Slow Mo FlowHold Attack 2 and release to place an N. Tropy Staff which damages enemies on impact and slows enemies in an area for a while.1700 Gold
Insane BoltShooting while N. Tropy's staff is active makes the device shoot sparks randomly in the area.2200 Gold
Blaster FractureBeing struck by an Insane Bolt powers up the Blaster Beam. Laser shots split into multiple projectiles for a short time. Insane Bolts try to land nearby until a boost is granted!3000 Gold
Wonderful Wizardry Path
Boo Uka Boo Uka!Press Attack 2 to damage and push back enemies in a line straight ahead. Projectiles in the way are destroyed.1700 Gold
Mask in the MirrorUka Uka now defends the area for a short time when a projectile is successfully blocked. Uka Uka also now explodes projectiles when he blocks them, dealing damage in the area around the deflection.2200 Gold
You Do That VoodooHold Attack 2 to control Uka Uka and knock enemies around all over the battlefield.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Wanted: Dead or Up HighHold Attack 1 to transform the gun into a staff and release to knock nearby enemies up. Keep pressing Attack 1 to shoot the knocked up enemies and keep them up there.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Rehabilita-LaserHold Special Attack to use your Sky-Chi Power! Use Left Stick to target where the laser will go!N/A




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