Dr. Krankcase – Villain

Dr Krankcase
"Not the healing kind of doctor."

No one is really quite sure exactly what Dr. Krankcase is a doctor of... but his technical engineering achievements are legendary. The secret to his success lies in his modified concoction of glowing green goo, which causes wooden objects to come to life and turn evil. His unique skillset makes him a valuable asset to the Doom Raiders, who have plenty of nefarious uses for evil wooden creatures. It is also commonly known that Dr. Krankcase served as an evil inspiration to Kaos once upon a time, who had figured out how to make his own wooden creatures, the Wilikin, come to life after reading about the doctor's exploits in the Minion Monthly Catalog. Kaos also respected Dr. K's interest in world domination and doom engineering, not to mention his well-documented love of pickles.

Dr. Krankcase is a new Tech trappable villain character for Skylanders Trap Team. Dr. Krankcase can be trapped in a Tech Crystal Trap and then be used as part of your Skylanders team. Dr. Krankcase is not a purchasable figure.

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Meet the Villains: Dr. Krankcase

All Attacks
Attack 1Press Attack 1 to spin Dr. Krankcase's legs and slide forward.
Attack 2Press Attack 2 to fire a goo blast.
Attack 3Press Attack 3 to generate lightning from Dr. Krankcase's fingertips.
Evolved Upgrades
Attack 1Increased damage and distance traveled.
Attack 2Each blast hits more often.
Attack 3Increased damage and number of hits.

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