Doom Stone

Doom Stone
"Another Smash Hit!"

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Doom Stone was carved from the strongest and purest stone in Skylands, then magically brought to life by a wizard who was rather lazy and wanted someone strong to carry heavy things and perform other tasks around his castle. Doom Stone happily helped, and in his spare time learned the ancient ways of Stone Fighting should he ever need to protect the wizard, who became like a father to him. Sure enough the need arose when the wizard was kidnapped by his evil twin brother in order to steal his spells for himself. Doom Stone wasted no time in using the skills he learned to save his master. Afterward, the wizard knew Doom Stone had a greater calling and introduced him to Master Eon, who made him a Skylander.

Doom Stone is a new Swap Force swappable Earth Skylander with the Spin movement ability.

He was the last Swappable character to be released on 5/13/2014.

Doom Stone Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 200  Max Health280
Defense:160  Speed35
Speed: 60  Armor30
Luck:80  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Column ClubPress Attack 1 to swing a heavy column at nearby enemies.Free
Living StatueHold Attack 3 to block close attacks. Blocking attacks will cause nearby attackers to turn to jade for a short time.300 Gold
Reject and ReflectHold Attack 3 to block projectile attacks. Blocked projectiles are hit back at enemies, turning them into jade. Prerequisite: Living Statue800 Gold
Column DutyHold Attack 1 to charge the Column Club, release to cause a large area of damage. Causes more damage the longer Attack 1 is held.1000 Gold
Column Clubber Path
Falling to PiecesHold Attack 1 to charge Column Duty, release to smash the column and break off smaller pieces of it that damage enemies in a larger area.1500 Gold
Club DoomColumn Duty can be charged even longer, dealing more damage in a larger area.2000 Gold
Jaded Fighter Path
Cracking UpEnemies turned to jade will burst, causing small shards to damage other enemies near them.1500 Gold
More Doric WarfareHold Attack 3 to block attacks and do even more damage to blocked attackers.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Stoney StareHold Attack 3 to block and cause enchanted snakes to come alive on the shield, damaging enemies while you block.1700 Gold
Leg Attacks
Stoney SpinPress Attack 2 to rapidly attack nearby enemies and charge the stoney belt. The belt increases damage and size the more it is charged.Free
Spin Right AroundHold Attack 2 to charge a spin, release to bounce between nearby enemies.300 Gold
Revolutionary BeltSpinning does increased damage.800 Gold
Speedy SpinnerPress Attack 2 to increase speed that the belt is spinning. Speed is increased depending on how fast the belt is spinning.1000 Gold
Serious Spinner Path
The Harder They FallHold Attack 2 to charge a spin, release to bounce between enemies and knock the last enemy hit into the air which damages them when they hit the ground.1500 Gold
Spinball KingSpin Right Around does increased damage. Prerequisite: Spin Right Around2000 Gold
Carved Belt Path
Jaded SpinNow shoot jade projectiles at enemies when spinning.1500 Gold
Belt PeltersPress Attack 2 to spin and shoot powerful jade projectiles at enemies that do increased damage.2000 Gold
Sould Gem Ability
Spin the TablesDuring the fourth spin, enemies in a large radius are damaged.3500 Gold

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