Chompy Mage (Sensei)

Chompy Mage Sensei
"Chompy Power!"


After breaking out and joining the other Doom Raiders, Chompy Mage was once again captured by the Skylanders, Eon gave him and other villains a choice - either go back to jail or become Skylander Senseis, teaching a new generation of Imaginators their formidable battle skills as well as how to stay clear of a life of crime. They accepted the deal but first had to prove themselves by re-arranging all the books in the Academy's library, a task which took almost two years, testing every ounce of will they had. This also gave Chompy Mage time to take up the bazooka, which he was naturally so good at that he now trains Imaginators of the Bazooka Class as a Sensei master.

The Chompy Mage is a reformed villain in Skylanders Imaginators. He will train those looking to follow the Bazooker class.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:300  Attack:12
Defense: 200  Defense:8
Speed:200  Speed:15
Luck:200  Luck:2

All Attacks
Chompzooka!Press Attack 1 to shoot live Chompies out of your "bazooka".Free
Talk to the Hand!Press Attack 2 and the puppet screams with a burst of life flavored magic (tastes like chicken).Free
Chompy Pile!Press Attack 3 to transform into a pile of angry Chompies! Press the Jump Button to jump out of the pile, which will keep going for a short distance on its own.500 Gold
Staff ShotPress and hold Attack 1 to launch a magical exploding staff.700 Gold
A Corn!Talk to the Hand! now coughs up exploding acorn. Mmmm... corns!900 Gold
What a Dashing Pile!Press Attack 1 to dash forward when in pile form. Pile now does more damage!1200 Gold
The Champ of Chomp Path
Bitey Chompies!Chompies now latch onto enemies and chew on them for a bit.1700 Gold
Giant Bitey Chompies!Bitey Chompies transform into Large Chompies. Large Chompies hang around longer than Bitey Chompies.2200 Gold
Pile Launcher!Chompies jump out of the pile and attack enemies.3000 Gold
Puppeteer Path
Get Thee to a Shrubbery!Acorns now spout poisonous shrubbery.1700 Gold
Here Lies a ChompyChompies now leave behind shrubbery.2200 Gold
Shrubsplode!Shrubs now explode! You win Shrub, you lose Shrub.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Chompies to Go PleaseJump then press Attack 3 while in the air to break the Chompy pile up into individual minions.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
BoingZooka!Hold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power and ride the BoingZooka like a Pogo Stick!N/A

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