Chomp Chest – Villain

Chomp Chest
"Who better to find treasure than a chest...with teeth!"

If you open a treasure chest and it immediately comes to life and bites you, you might be opening a Chomp Chest. But at least he'll help you find hidden treasure.

Chomp Chest is a new Earth trappable villain character for Skylanders Trap Team. Chomp Chest can be trapped in an Earth Crystal Trap and then be used as part of your Skylanders team. Chomp Chest is not a purchasable figure.

All Attacks
Attack 1Press Attack 1 for a dashing bite attack that propels Chomp Chest forward.
Attack 2Press Attack 2 to search for buried treasure.
Evolved Upgrades
Attack 1Bite has more range and does greater damage.
Attack 2Greater search area.

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