"Bring the Boom!"

Boomer Retailers

As a young troll, Boomer loved to blow things up -- particularly sheep. Later, he was drafted into the troll army, where they gave him LOTS of things to blow up. However, Boomer soon realized the sole mission of the army was war and conquest. Even though he was a troll, these things didn't interest him. So he left the trolls after saving a town from being destroyed by them. Not long after, he was invited to be a Skylander -- the only troll ever to win such an honor. Now he uses his explosive skills to fight evil... much to the relief of sheep everywhere.

Boomer is a Tech Skylander debuting in Spyro's Adventure. He is one of the very few Skylanders that has never had another variant made.

Boomer was released in Wave 1 of characters for Spyro's Adventure. He was released as an individual pack and as part of a triple pack with Prism Break and Voodood.

Meet Boomer


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:70  Max Health230
Defense: 50  Speed35
Speed:40  Armor18
Luck:75  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power39


All Attacks
Dynamite TossPress Attack 1 to hurl an explosive stick of troll-grade dynamite.Free
Troll SmashPress Attack 2 to smash the ground so hard that enemies all around you get knocked back.Free
Dynamite Fuse Fake-OutDynamite does increased damage. Hold Attack 1 to delay the explosion.500 Gold
Bash SmashSmash does increased damage and knocks enemies back further.700 Gold
Troll BombPress Attack 3 to place a Troll Bomb.900 Gold
Triple Bundle DynamiteDynamite does even MORE increased damage.1200 Gold
Demolition Troll Path
BomblasticTroll Bombs have bigger explosions and do increased damage.1700 Gold
Troll Bombs AwayBoomer can have six Troll Bombs active at once.2200 Gold
An Accident Waiting To HappenThrow three extra sticks of dynamite at once.3000 Gold
Clobber Troll Path
Havoc SmashSmash does even MORE increased damage.1700 Gold
Stupification SmashSmash stuns enemies.2200 Gold
Megaton Charged Super SmashHold Attack 2 to charge up the smash attack, release to do MAXIMUM damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Troll Bomb BootTroll Bombs can be kicked at enemies.4000 Gold


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