Boom Bloom

Boom Bloom
"Rooting Out Evil!"

Boom Bloom was created in the laboratory of a mad scientist! After using his mutation goo to change deadwood into evil creatures, Dr. Krankcase began experimenting with live plants! But it had a much different effect. Instead of becoming subservient villains, the mutated plants instantly rebelled against their creator and tried to destroy his goo factory. Dr. Krankcase and his henchmen were able to thwart all of these insurgent plants, except for one - Boom Bloom! Her mutation gave her extraordinary Ninja skills and a thorny whip, which she used to unleash a flurry of martial arts moves that forced Dr. Krankcase to flee his own factory and vow never to experiment on plants again. Now as a Sensei of the Ninja class, she uses her incredible abilities to teach her incredible abilities to teach new Skylanders how to protect nature... and unleash its fury!

Boom Bloom is a new Life element Sensei Skylander in Skylanders Imaginators. She will come with the Enchanted Elven Forest Adventure pack and teach the Ninja Battle Class.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:100  Attack:6
Defense: 320  Defense:8
Speed:230  Speed:8
Luck:250  Luck:8

All Attacks
Whip WhapPress Attack 1 to swiftly snap your whip in front of you. Combos up to four times.Free
Vine EntwineTap Attack 2 to send vines out that pull enemies in after a short time. Hold Attack 2 to have the vines go farther before grabbing enemies.Free
Spore SeedsPress Attack 3 to grow Spore Seeds that damage enemies.500 Gold
Puff of PollenWhip Whap does more damage and Spore Seeds now release damaging pollen when hit.700 Gold
Spore ShowerVine Entwine now pulls Spore Seeds in for a shower of seeking spikes.900 Gold
Plenty of PlantsHave a total of four Spore Seeds active at a time.1200 Gold
Spore Seed Specialist Path
Potent PollenWhen hit, Spore Seeds cover a larger area and do more damage.1700 Gold
Thorn ThrasherWhip Whap does more damage and Spore Seeds shoot seeking spikes when hit.2200 Gold
In Full BloomSpore Seeds can cause an explosion when they are hit enough times.3000 Gold
Grow Green Path
Greener GraspsVine Entwine's pull reaches farther and does more damage.1700 Gold
Spikey SituationsVine Entwine's burrowing spikes hit wider and do more damage.2200 Gold
Hungry HerbivoreVine Entwine now grows a plant that explodes for each pulled Spore Seed.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Petal To The MettleHold Attack 1 to rev up a vine wheel that explodes into four Spore Seeds.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Whipper SnapperHold Special Attack to go for a spin with a Sensei-tionally large vine. Move with Left Stick to whip your enemies into shape!N/A



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