Blaster-Tron (Sensei)

"Target Acquired!"

Blaster-Tron isn't just state-of-the-art technology, he literally is from the future. When the Skylanders traveled foward in time to stop Wolfgang, they ended up bringing back the renegade robot with hopes that they could learn from his advanced circuitry. Eon immediately noticed that he had an actual "Good/Evil" switch that had been set to Evil. After flipping it to Good, Blaster-Tron was completely transformed. Besides going from bad robot to good robot, he ditched his blaster gun in exchange for a laser sword. No one knew exactly why, but as long as he was helping out the cause of justice, the Skylanders were happy. As a bonus, Master Eon noticed that his skill with the blade was second to none, and so he made Blaster-Tron a Sensei for the Knight Class, where he now gives 110% to training his students - which is technically possible because in the future, we figure out how to give more than 100%.

Blaster-Tron (Sensei) is a new reformed villain Sensei for Skylanders Imaginators. He will teach the Knight Battle Class.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:280  Attack:18
Defense: 330  Defense:12
Speed:190  Speed:28
Luck:150  Luck:6

All Attacks
Saber SlashPress Attack 1 to swing your sword and shoot lasers out of it. Free
Holohram FieldPress Attack 2 to create an area that damages enemies and slows down their projectiles.Free
Taser TethersPress Attack 3 to launch your rockets, connecting them with an energy beam. They become powered up when they enter a Hologram Field, increasing their damage.500 Gold
Energy ExtenderYour extended Saber's lasers cause the Hologram Field to increase in damage. Hologram Field increases in size over time.700 Gold
Saber Sweep and Field FollowerHold Attack 1 to charge up a wide slash. Hold and release Attack 2 to create a weaker Hologram Field that follows you.900 Gold
Sharper SabersSaber Slash does more damage. Press Atack 1, Attack 1, Attack 2 to pull enemies towards you. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 3 to launch enemies upwards1200 Gold
Supremacy of Sabers Path
Golographic HelpersEnter your Hologram Field to receive a damage boost for a short time.1700 Gold
Software UpdateYour sword does more damage. Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 2 puts an explosive on enemies you pull. Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 3 floats enemies in the air bit longer.2200 Gold
Get to the Point!Signal a laser beam air strike every so often that focuses on a target. Any damage you do increases the frequency of this attack.3000 Gold
Brighter Light Show Path
Rocket FuelHolding Attack 2 causes area damage around you.1700 Gold
Pocket RocketsTaser Tethers than enter a Hologram Field launch mini missiles that rain inside the field.2200 Gold
Lights Out!Hologram Field is stronger, pulls enemies in and causes an explosion. Occurs twice during the Gield's duration.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Beaming with DelightLasers from Saber Slash are stronger. Hold Attack 1 even longer to charge your Saber, then release Attack 1 to spin with your sword, shooting lasers around you.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Kaiju Believe it?Hold Special Attack to enlarge to Sensei-tional proportions. Move with Left Stick to wreak havoc around you and press Attack 1 to cause area damage.N/A



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