"Weed'em and Reap!"

There were many mysterious things in the Mystical Bamboo Forest, but none more so than Ambush. The forest was considered to be one of Skylands’ greatest natural wonders, and no outsider, good or bad, was ever permitted to trespass. But that didn’t stop Kaos’ mother! After deciding that the ancient trees would make an exquisite display in her Royal Courtyard, she commanded her army of chainsaw-wielding trolls to chop down the entire forest. This angered Ambush, the mystical tree-knight, who saw the atrocity and swore revenge! Wielding his mythic sword, he fought off the trolls and forced Kaos’ mother into hiding. When Master Eon heard the story, he knew that the mysterious sword master would make the ideal Sensei, and promised to “go green” himself if Ambush would join the Skylander team. Ambush now trains other Knights - and those who are not environmentally conscious cower in fear!

Ambush is a new Life elemental Sensei Skylander trained as a Knight for Skylanders Imaginators.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:300  Attack:10
Defense: 150  Defense:8
Speed:150  Speed:8
Luck:200  Luck:8

All Attacks
Whack AttackPress Attack 1 to use your sword.Free
Splintering PunchPress Attack 2 to knock your enemies back and then fly into them.Free
Meditative StrikeBriefly stand still to charge up your sword attack.500 Gold
Arboreal UpheavalPress Attack 3 to summon bamboo trees that throw enemies into the air.700 Gold
Leaf on the WindHold Attack 1 to perform a flying spin slash.900 Gold
Mark of the Angry TreeWhack Attacks leave a mark on your enemies. On the third mark, that enemy will take extra damage. Marks weaken over time.1200 Gold
The Master Splinterer Path
Pruning the HedgesUsing Meditative Strikes when you get Marked Enemy bonus damage does even more damage.1700 Gold
Slam TrunkDuring Whack Attack combos, hold Attack 2 to smash enemies with a giant bamboo tree.2200 Gold
Spinning Bamboo PiledriverDuring Whack Attack combos, hold Attack 3 to pile drive a bamboo tree on top of enemies.3000 Gold
Go Go Forest Ranger Path
Wood Knocks You!Press Attack 3, then Attack 1 to send out large bamboo projectiles in all directions.1700 Gold
The Sharing TreeSplintering Punch now creates an area of effect giving Marks to your enemies.2200 Gold
A New Leaf on LifeArboreal Upheaval creates a zone of pain around you. Marks absorbed by Arboreal Upheaval increase this zone's duration.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Nature's RevengeHold Attack 3 to execute a stronger Arboreal Upheaval attack.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Foreseen VictoryHold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power! Use Left Stick to select your targets.N/A


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