Rip Tide – Character Review

Rip Tide - Character ReviewRip Tide is a new core Water Skylander for Skylanders Swap Force. He is an Aqua-Fighter and appears to be a descendant of some kind of fish himself. He is all blue with a light green underside and is wearing a full body, gold armored suit. Unlike a fish, he walks on two legs and has two arms. His character holds a swordfish in one hand as a weapon. In the game he can change his weapon to be a hammerhead shark or, after some upgrades, a large whale. He is moderately detailed with scales on the top side of his body and even the gold plated armor has scales. He looks like he’s ready for a fight and even his swordfish weapon looks to be ready for action. Overall he has a very interesting look, a fish-man wielding another fish looking for a battle.

Initially I was not too impressed with Rip Tide’s attacks. The swordfish attack was a good fast melee attack, but the hammerhead attack seemed too slow and not strong enough to use instead of the faster swordfish attack. Eventually you upgrade the ability to throw your weapon. This changes the character’s attack strategy as now he can stand back and perform more ranged attacks. However, each time you throw one fish, your weapon switches to the other. So you might end up equipped with weapon you do not want to use when you get back into melee. We chose the Fishy Fencer Path and the main ability that path added was a dash to the swordfish attack. This acts almost like another ranged attack as it allows Rip Tide to quickly get into a fight or quickly get out of trouble. The soul gem ability is also pretty interesting as it allows your weapon to turn into a giant whale which does a wide area attack and then also shoots out extra smaller fish to damage nearby enemies.

Overall Rip Tide is a fair character. He has a bit of a slow start but finishes with some good abilities.

7 out of 10


Rip Tide’s Video Review

Rip Tide’s Stats

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:120  Max Health300
Defense: 70  Speed43
Speed:75  Armor30
Luck:55  Critical Hit4
  Elemental Power25

Rip Tide’s Attacks

All Attacks
Tetra AttackPress Attack 1 to swing the currently held fish at enemies. Swordfish attacks are quick while Shark attacks are slow, but more powerful.Free
Fish TossPress Attack 2 to toss the currently held fish at enemies. Fish Toss will also change between Swordfish and Shark.Free
Whale On 'EmPress Attack 3 to drop a large whale and smack down a large number of enemies.500 Gold
Bigger Fish to FlyPress Attack 2 to throw the held fish, doing increased damage to enemies.700 Gold
Fresh FishPress Attack 2 to throw the currently held fish. Press Attack 1 to attack and critically hit with the new fish.900 Gold
Blistering BlubberWhale attacks do increased damage. 1200 Gold
Fishy Fencer Path
Nipping Needle NosePress Attack 2 to throw the sword fish which does damage over time to enemies that it hits.1700 Gold
Practiced ParrySwordfish attacks do increased damage.2200 Gold
Straight as an AnglerHold Attack 1 to charge a swordfish attack, release to dash through enemies causing them to take damage and be knocked back.3000 Gold
Flounder Pounder Path
Shark SurprisePress Attack 2 to throw the Shark which bounces off of enemies' heads before landing.1700 Gold
Time to HammerHammerhead shark attacks do increased damage.2200 Gold
Shark Bite BaitHold Attack 1 to charge a shark attack, release to dash forward biting any enemies in the way.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Reinventing the WhaleAngry fish explode out of the whale's spout, seeking out and damaging nearby enemies.4000 Gold
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