Do You Need Help Finding Skylanders?

Help Finding Skylanders Swap ForceCould you use some help finding Skylanders? Maybe a specific Skylander you want has disappeared? I know a lot of people out there often can’t find that one last Skylander they need or don’t have the time to constantly visit the stores. Well, I find myself at the stores often, so I’d like to offer my services to anyone who is interested. If you are looking for a Skylander that you just can’t find in your area. Send me an e-mail about what it is you are looking for. It can be a character, trinket, toy, Mega Bloks, or whatever. If you know Skylander toy X is found at Walmart, but you can’t find it. I’ll keep my eyes out. In order to provide this service, I will charge roughly $10 to $15 over retail. It may be more depending on what it is you want shipped. Obviously bigger toys, or large number of items will be more due to shipping. Any questions of specific toys can be discussed over e-mail. I also only accept paypal and will ship upon paypal’s verification receipt of payment. I wouldn’t use my service for early release characters. I mean Wave 4 characters may be limited now, but in a couple weeks should be found everywhere. So I would advise in that case to save your money. Besides by the time I find it and ship it to you, it would most likely be easily found in your stores.

Since characters are what I assume I will be getting for people the most, here is what I will be charging for characters. Price includes, shipping, materials, retail cost, tax, gas money, etc. Shipping is also limited to the continental US.

Core small Skylander $22

Small lightcore/legendary $25

Swappable/Giant $28

I will look for and send any current or past character that might still be in stores. However, I will not look for or send rare chase variants. I’m not looking for Gold, Silver, Crystal or other randomly found characters. I would however, send you the best buy exclusive Silver Sprocket, while my stores still have them in stock since those are easily found for a short time. I would also send any limited store exclusives like Nitro Freeze Blade, Enchanted Star Strike, etc. But of course those won’t be found for long. And obviously there is no guarantee that I will be able to find the items that you request. However, I do want to help anyone I can as we all love Skylanders, and searching for them constantly can be tiresome.

If anyone is interested, just send me an e-mail at Put “Skylander Request” in the subject line and let me know what character you want me to look for in the body. If it’s not a character then be sure to describe what you are looking for and where it might be found. I know some things seem to be more common to one store over another even if they are not explicitly exclusive. And example would be the Skylanders Kids Cups that I still see only at Walmart.

I know the price isn’t cheap, but that is mostly because we are talking retail prices and I do not have any wholesale suppliers. But let me know if you need help finding something and I’ll do my best.



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