Wave 5 Skylanders Out at Toys R Us

Wave 5 Skylanders Out at Toys R UsA couple weeks ago, a check of the big name retail websites, showed that Enigma was in stock at a couple of the nearby Targets. With no signs of Flip Wreck or Fling Kong anywhere online I decided to wait a bit. Well tonight, on a whim I decided to check out Toys R Us. Mostly I was just looking to grab a few traps that I have missed so far. At first I saw Enigma, which wasn’t too shocking. Upon closer inspection I saw that they had both Flip Wreck and Fling Kong on the shelves. I also found the Air Toucan, though I didn’t notice many of the new traps that have yet to be released. I did however, pick up a couple of the Wave 3 traps that I never really saw in stores. That makes me wonder if the Wave 3 traps ever came out with or if they were pushed back. If you remember, Wave 3 seemed to be most affected by the west coast shipping strike. In any case my trap information is far from official, it’s mostly just what I have observed and have seen through rumors. I also didn’t see any single packages of Snap Shot, Food Fight, or Deja Vu. I have no idea if they will get their own separate releases, but in the past most of those characters did get single character releases and they usually happen in Wave 5. They are also somewhat limited as not many people would already have the packs that they came in. But Blades has already been released as a single character having also come with the Nightmare Express pack.  As far as waves go, Wave 5 isn’t very large. Hopefully the rest of the traps and any single version characters will make there way out soon, but for now the main three new Wave 5 Skylanders are out at my local Toys R Us. If they are out at mine, then there is a good chance they might be at yours.

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