Legendary vs. Nitro Skylanders

Legendary vs. Nitro Skylanders Legendary Nightmare ExpressIt’s not much of a shock when I tell you: “Guess What? Toys R Us is going to have special ‘Legendary’ variants of Skylanders for Trap Team!” I mean they’ve been selling exclusive Legendary figures for three games now. So not much is changing for the forth Skylanders game Trap Team. However, we are getting a slight twist on the Legendary figure option. This time, Toys R Us will have at least one Legendary Adventure Pack. The Nightmare Express adventure pack will have a Legendary version which comes with a Legendary Blades Skylander.

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Skylanders Character Sales for 4/6

Skylanders Character Sales

There are a couple of good Skylanders character sales going on this week which is just in time for a bunch of Wave 4 characters that are on store shelves.

At Toys R Us you can buy one Skylanders figure and get one for 50% off. But over at Target you can buy two figures and get one free. These deals do not apply to the starter packs though. Also Target has all of their games this week at buy 2 get 1 free. That can be a good deal for games that rarely drop in price. Good luck hunting those wave 4 figures, now go out there and save some money.

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Wave 3 Skylanders Show Up at Target

Wave 3 Skylanders at TargetYesterday 1/22/14 Target restocked their shelves and on them were some Wave 3 Skylanders. At the stores I went to I saw all three Swappable characters, both Lightcore Characters and a Triple Pack. I did not see Sheep Wreck Island, or the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack. For the Core Skylanders, I saw Smolderdash, Hyperbeam Prism Break, and Horn Blast Whirlwind. I did not see Dune Bug or Phantom Cynder, but they are both listed on Target’s Website with a release date of 1/31. I’m not sure if my Targets broke some kind of street date, or if they just got their shipments in earlier than they thought, but all three stores I visited in my area had some of the Wave 3 characters on the shelves. So now is the time Portal Master! Go get your Wave 3 Skylanders at Target and use your RedCard to save 5%. Also, you may want to call ahead and ask if they have Spy Rise or Rubble Rouser. Those were two I saw the most of by far.

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Cheap Skylander Stuff at Target

Cheap Skylander StuffI was browsing my local Target yesterday when I noticed that they had some cheap Skylander stuff in their $1 bins near the front entrance. Some of it was actually $1 while a few items were priced at $3. All of them would be great for the Skylander child in your family. Here is a list of what I saw.


  • A pack of three Skylander Roller Stamp markers. $1 (pictured)Cheap Skylander Stuff Socks
  • A pack of Skylanders colored markers. $1 (not pictured)
  • A pack of Skylander pencils. $1 (not pictured)
  • A Skylander wallet. $1 (pictured)
  • Skylander Socks child size 6-8. $1 a pair (pictured)
  • Skylander Tatoos. $1 (not pictured)
  • A pack of Skylander stickers. $1 (not pictured)
  • Skylander Lenticular Journal Set. $3 (pictured)
  • Skylander Stationary Pack including 2 notebooks, ruler, 2 pencils, an erasure and a pencil case. $3 (not pictured)
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