Trap Team Wave 1 Skylanders

Skylanders TrapTeam Wave 1Today is the release of Skylanders Trap Team. As always we are presented only with a handful of figures available on Day 1. These figures are what we call the Wave 1 figures. Usually it’s a fairly large wave, and Wave 2 typically comes out before Thanksgiving. Based on what we’ve seen from pre-order information on major retail sites, and some rumors to what people have started to pick up in stores let me summarize what ‘might’ be included in the Trap Team Wave 1 Skylanders.   

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New Minis, Characters from Gamescom 2014

TrapTeamPoster Gamescom2014Last week was Gamescom 2014 and there was a lot of gaming news coming from Cologne Germany. We covered a lot of that news for our sister site But the news was flowing for Skylanders as well. First it was announced that Minis would actually be playable in the new Skylanders Trap Team. Plus 8 new minis were announced in addition to the previously existing 8. Now if you never entered those Frito-Lay contests or happen to get any through promotions at Gamestop, don’t worry, you’re not missing out. The 8 original minis will be re-released with red bases for Trap Team. It also looks like the minis will come in two packs, perhaps even two per element, for $13.99 (rumored).Gill Runt Buddy Gamescom 2014 But Walmart has an exclusive “buddy pack” which is Gill Runt packaged with Tidal Wave Gill Grunt. You would pre-order that now, though if you are a collector I would advise against it. Its possible that the only way you then could get Thumpling would be to get him in the mini two-pack, meaning you would be stuck with two Gill Runts. That was the problem last year for the Walmart exclusive triple pack. Buying it ruined your chance to buy other triple packs without getting duplicates. Below are the minis that will be released with Trap Team. Be sure to visit their pages for more information and videos as we have them.

Also coming out of Gamescom was a new Trap Team Poster. This poster is not a complete poster, but it has allowed us a peak an almost all of the new Skylanders. Click on the image to blow it up larger. Be sure to visit our character pages as we will update them as we get information, including what I hope is maybe some more pre-orders on character figures. Right now you can pre-order any of the games through our game page here, Gearshift, and the Gill Grunt/Gill Runt Buddy Pack mentioned above.


Air Minis
Earth Minis
Fire Minis
Life Minis
Small Fry
"Small Fry"
Whisper Elf
"Whisper Elf"
Magic Minis
Tech Minis
Trigger Snappy
"Trigger Snappy"
Undead Minis
Water Minis
Eye Small
"Eye Small"
Gill Runt
"Gill Runt"



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