Legendary Creation Crystals at Toys R Us

Legendary Creation Crystals (Magic) at Toys R Us

When Are Legendary Creation Crystals Available?

Starting today you can get the Legendary Magic Creation Crystal with Mirror, Mirror comic at Toys R Us. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be able to pick up two new Legendary Creation Crystals with comics. Next week on 11/6 the Legendary Light Creation Crystal will be available with the Arbor Day Comic. Then on 11/13 you can pick up the Legendary Life Creation Crystal with the Tri and Tri Again comic. 

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Skylanders Day 12/6 And Winterfest Lob-Star

Skylanders Day 12/6 And Winterfest Lob-StarOn Saturday 12/6/2014 GameStop will be having another Skylanders Day from open to close. They will be having a number of sales and they’ll be featuring the release of the new special variant Winterfest Lob-Star. This new Skylander will not be exclusive to GameStop, however, there is no word on when it will show up to other retailers. Best Buy has the character listed but it still says “Coming Soon”, and you could get it now off Amazon.com as some people have gotten their hands on it, but you will be paying quite the premium right now.

Here is a list of all of the Skylander specials you will find at GameStop on 12/6/2014.

Get any Trap Team starter pack for $49.99.

Get the new Eon’s Elite Whilwind character for $24.99.

Get the new Winterfest Lob-Star for $15.99.

Get any trap for $.99 when you purchase any Trap Master character.

Get a free Giants 3-Pack when you buy any Swap Force or older starter pack.

Get a Mini Comic Fun Pack for just $2.00. (Watch our Mini Comic unwrapping here)



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Legendary Traps Available at Toys R Us

Legendary Micro Comic Jawbreaker with Legendary TrapsToys R Us now has all three announced Legendary Traps available today. Over the last couple weeks a new Micro Comic Fun Pack was released each coming with a special Legendary Trap. Today the Jawbreaker Micro Comic Fun Pack was released with a Legendary Undead Skull Trap. Also available are Blades Micro Comic Fun Pack with a Legendary Undead Orb Trap and Deja Vu Micro Comic Fun Pack with a Legendary Water Jughead Trap. Check your local Toys R Us, but I’ve had no problem finding them at mine. They do not seem to be in very limited quantities.

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