Kickoff Countdown and Sale at Toys R Us on 5/18

Kickoff-Countdown_smThanks to a poster on it looks like Kickoff Countdown could be out by at least 5/18 at Toys R Us. According to an Ad scan on the website Skylanders will be on sale once again at Toys R Us starting 5/18. Starter packs will be 50% off for $32.49 and there will also be a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off character sale for all Skylanders. In the ad, there is a picture of Kickoff Countdown and it says you can get him at Toys R Us first, but it doesn’t specifically list a date. So it’s possible the character might show up earlier or even a little later if at the time of the printing of the ad, they still were not sure of a release date of the character. Still all signs point to him showing up in the very near future at Toys R Us.

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