The Benefits of Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked

Best Buy's Gamer's ClubOne of my goals with this website is to give people information on how to get more with their money. Saving money and buying things at the cheapest possible point is important to me and a lot of other people. When I first heard of Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked, I thought it was a little much. It was originally $120 for two years of benefits. But then I was grandfathered into it for a year based on previously being an @Gamer magazine subscriber. The magazine has gone away, but in it’s wake, I’ve been enjoying plenty of 20% discounts. Enough that I was able to pick up an additional two year subscription for a discounted price. Since it’s inception Best Buy has now dropped the price of a membership to $30. It’s value to you depends on the type of gamer and Skylander collector you are. If you buy a lot of new games or pre-orders then it’s almost a no-brainer. I’ve seen people pre-order over a dozen games at a time at GameStop, paying $5 each. $600 to $800 is ridiculous to spend on new games at one time to me. We’re talking all the big holiday games. But if that’s what you want to do, then why on earth would you not save 20%? For 10 new games at regular price of $600, you would save $120 or $90 if you had to pay the $30 subscription price. It only takes three full price game purchases in 2 years to make the membership worth it.

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