High Five

High Five
"Buzz Off!"

High Five is one of the most skilled sky racers of all the dragonflies. But as the fifth son of the Royal High Flying Dragonflies, he was not allowed to enter any of the racing tournaments that took place each year because of his age. Instead, he was forced to watch from the sidelines as his four older brothers competed for the coveted Trophy of Sparx, which legend has said holds magical properties. One year, during the biggest racing event of the season, High Five learned that the Troll Racing Team had stolen the valuable trophy and were going to use the race to cover their escape. He quickly took action, jumping into the race and using his amazing flying skills to weave and dodge his way to the front of the pack, where he caught up to the trolls and brought them down. For his actions, High Five was given the Trophy of Sparx. Even more importantly, he was made a Skylander, where he now helps protect Skylands from any evildoers.

High Five is a new Core Life Skylander for Trap Team. He was named by a winner in a Frito-Lay contest. No release date has been announced.

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    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:170  Max Health270
Defense: 20  Speed60
Speed:170  Armor6
Luck:20  Critical Hit70
  Elemental Power53


All Attacks
Poison PelletsPress Attack 1 to shoot Poison Pellets. Hold Attack 1 for rapid fire.Free
Buzz DashPress Attack 2 for a speedy dash attack. Free
Poison CloudPoison Pellets attack leaves behind a poisonous cloud, damaging nearby enemies.500 Gold
Fly SlamPress Attack 3 to slam down on enemies around you.700 Gold
Buzz ChargeHold Attack 2 to charge up a stronger Buzz Dash.900 Gold
Buzzerker OverdriveFor the cost of HP, hold Attack 3 to REALLY power up the Fly Slam. Also move faster with lower HP. Prerequisite: Fly Slam1200 Gold
Pollen Prince Path
Cloud ControlHave up to five Poison Clouds active at a time, moving faster and doing more damage.1700 Gold
Buzz 'em UpBuzz Dash through Poison Clouds to power them up and extend their life.2200 Gold
Power CloudsExtra big Poison Clouds do extra big damage.3000 Gold
Speedy Slammer Path
Spin CycleWhile holding Attack 3, enemies will be sucked up into the Fly Slam zone.1700 Gold
Buzz Buzz BuzzHold Attack 2 for consecutive Buzz Dashes.2200 Gold
Slam ApplesHold Attack 3 to charge up the Fly Slam attack even further and release apples that heal you.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Organic Slam ApplesFly Slam Apples heal more HP.4000 Gold

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