Battlecast Undead Elemental Cards

There are 28 Undead Elemental Cards in Skylanders Battlecast, consisting of spell cards, relic cards and gear cards.

Non-colored cards represent non-collected cards and will be replaced once collected.

Battlecast Undead Element Cards
Alluring CharmBooForgotten HeadstoneRaise Your HandsClose Shave
Cutting AheadJinxedLights OutMine BlownVanishing Cloak
WeakenBat AttackDisco BrawlMasker Mind's PrisonSlice of Life
Swarm WelcomeTouch of DarknessBlades of GoryCursed ChokerGraveyard Grudge Match
Titan's HiltVampiric VialImpending DoomLeeching MistSoul Survivor
Foreboding CurseRestless SpiritShow Me The Mummy
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