Battlecast Life Elemental Cards

There are 28 Life Elemental Cards in Skylanders Battlecast, consisting of spell cards, relic cards and gear cards.

Non-colored cards represent non-collected cards and will be replaced once collected.

Battlecast Life Element Cards
Juice BoxMuscle SproutsRootTree PartyTrickster's Trap
Grape ShotHeart of the ForestNightshade OilScorncrowTap and Sap
Ten Gallon HatTree WreckedCull The WeakLeafy GreensResurrection Ring
Ageless BonsaiCollective StrengthNinja StrikePump It UpThorncaster
Tribal LoreAll You Can EatFeast of FuryGrowth SpurtNature's Fury
BloomSap of the AncientsBack To Your Roots
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