Battlecast Earth Elemental Cards

There are 29 Earth Elemental Cards in Skylanders Battlecast, consisting of spell cards, relic cards and gear cards.

Non-colored cards represent non-collected cards and will be replaced once collected.

Battlecast Earth Element Cards
QuicksandRock SolidStatic PulseChain SweepConcussion
Crystalline CrustHurling BoulderProphetic PickSkylithium ScaleStone Stare
ExcavateFault AssaultTake it For GraniteCobalt CornerstoneDragon's Circlet
Harmonic PulseThe Beam Is SupremeRip ChainUnstoppa-BoulderDrop The Hammer
Hit and RunLandslideThe MotherlodeCrystal CudgelMy Father's Hammer
Reflective RayRock Roll'dEarthquakeMeteor Strike
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