Battlecast is a free to play collectible card / deck building game for iOS and android devices. There are physical cards that you can buy at retailers which you can scan into your game via your devices camera. However, physical cards are not necessary to purchase to play, and they can NOT really be used outside of the app as a card battling game. Players of the game will get free digital cards to begin the game, and could play the game without paying any money for real cards. There are a number of ways to get free digital cards/packs in the game, such as daily bonuses, random spin to win, and by spending coins which are earned through gameplay.

In Skylanders BattleCast, players can wage epic card battles in an all-new single player adventure or with friends, either online or in the same room. Fans can assemble a team of Skylanders by collecting digital or physical Battle Cards that can be scanned into the game and brought to life by their mobile device’s camera. What’s more, when two Battle Cards are scanned side-by-side, players will also be able to engage in duels and interact with the characters through augmented reality.

There are two different 22 card starter packs (at launch). One features Spyro, Snap Shot and Stormblade, while the other features Trigger Happy, Hex and Smash Hit. Each physical starter pack also includes 1 Deck Box, 1 Trading Shield, and 1 Collection and Beginner's Guide. There are also 8-card booster packs that you can buy in order to complete your 270+ card collection.

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