Fling Kong – Skylander Review

Fling Kong – Skylander Review

Fling KongFling Kong is a new Air core Skylander making his debut in Skylanders Trap Team. Fling Kong used to be the royal protector of the legendary monkey idol: Kubla-Wa. He had trained in a form of fighting which used the power of air called Monk-Ru. As a seriously dedicated student, he was always first to arrive for training and the last to leave. One day, a bunch of foul-smelling, well-armed Gorilla-Goos showed up led by the famous General Snot. Snot had learned that the idol was made of solid gold and was determined to steal it. They quickly took control of the temple which held the idol and were about to take it when Fling Kong showed up. Fling Kong attacked with the power of a Monk-Ru master! He used his flying rug and powerful vortex discs to defeat the Gorilla-Goos and save the idol. Soon after, Master Eon invited Fling Kong to become a Skylander where he can knock the wind out of evil throughout the Skylands.

Fling Kong isn’t your typical flinging monkey. He looks a little bit like one of those old time street performing monkeys from the 1800’s. In fact when we get to his attacks you’ll see that he also has an attack that reminds you of those monkey toys that smashes cymbals together. He rides a blue flying carpet, which allows him to be fairly speedy. He can also throw power discs with deadly accuracy. It all adds up to a new Skylander that can really bring the pain. If you are a fan of ranged attacks, then Fling Kong will probably be a Skylander for you.

His main attack is called Power Discs. Pressing Attack 1 will fling a disc across the screen and because they reload pretty quick, you can throw a good number of them in a short period of time. His second attack is his Magic Carpet Dash. This is another dash attack but it’s definitely not one of the better ones. It will get the job done, but the problem is that it doesn’t have a lot of range, and then at the end of the dash he loops back for a slam attack. It means that you’ll often stop a dash attack while still being in the middle of some dangerous enemies, instead of making it past them. It then becomes more useful to use this move to retreat rather than to attack. Once you purchase the Cymbal Crash upgrade, then you will get a third attack where the Attack 3 button will smash two power discs together like giant musical cymbals. This will do major damage to the target, but the resulting sound waves will also do damage as they move away from the slam. After The Kong Klang upgrade adds more power to the Cymbal Crash, it will become a very useful attack. Another upgrade will add spikes to the Power Discs for more damage, and the Mad Dash upgrade allows the Magic Carpet Dash to do more damage and last longer. From this point you will have to decide which set of attacks you want to upgrade more: the Power Disc attacks or the Magic Carpet Dash.

We ended up choosing the Disc Jockey path which improves the Power Disc attacks and I think we made the right choice. Fling Kong Review SSThe Trick Shot upgrade allows the Power Discs to go through enemies and bounce off walls. I’m always a fan of attacks bouncing off walls. Since you can fling the discs so fast, this really adds damage potential to the attack. Smash Hit allows you to do a Cymbal Crash at the end of a Magic Carpet Dash for a super smash combo. If you can remember to do it, it’s causes massive damage. The last upgrade is called A Toss-Up and allows  you to hold Attack 1 to charge up the Power Discs which causes it to come straight down on the nearest enemy. This also does some significant damage. The Carpet Captain path lets you upgrade the Magic Carpet Dash attacks, but sounds a little weaker than the Disc Jockey path. The Smash ‘N’ Dash upgrade will allow the dash to last longer each time you hit an enemy. This could be interesting if you can chain dash after dash for a very quick massive dash combo. The Double Whammy allows you to throw a Power Disc at the end of a Magic Carpet Dash for a double disc combo. This sounds OK, but not as powerful and harder to aim than the Smash Hit upgrade. Finally there is Shock Treatment which will leave a trail of electricity after a Magic Carpet Dash. It’s questionable how useful that might be depending on how long it stays around and how much damage it does while it is active. Regardless of the path you choose, you will find that the Soul Gem attack is one of the best attacks to use. It’s called Make it Rain! and just by holding the Attack 2 button for a longer time than the Mad Dash, Fling Kong will fly into the air and in a few seconds rain down a barrage of powerful Power Disc attacks from above. It’s very damaging and has a wide range of attack which makes you want to use this attack over and over.

Overall Fling Kong is a very solid new core Skylander. His range attacks are quick and powerful, and his upgrades will both increase the damage of the ranged attacks and will add a powerful melee attack as well. Finish it off with an easy to use and very devastating Soul Gem attack and you have the makings of a fun and useful character to use.  He may have been one of the last Skylanders to be released but if you still need some good Skylanders for Trap Team or even to take into SuperChargers, you probably won’t go wrong with Fling Kong.

SkylanderNutts gives Fling Kong…

8.0 out of 10

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