Dreamcatcher – Villain Review

Dreamcatcher - Villain ReviewDreamcatcher – Villain Review

Dreamcatcher is an Air trappable villain that you will be able to capture at the end of the eighth level – Telescope Towers. The Dreamcatcher is another one of the Doom Raiders who you will be able to trap if you have an Air Trap. Cloudcracker Prison wasn’t the first prison she ever broke out of. She also escaped the Lucid Lockdown from within the Realm of Dreams. She even broke out of the dream realm itself. She has the power to read your mind and to bring your worst nightmares to life. She has driven entire villages mad just for the fun of it. It was this playfully evil nature which attracted the Golden Queen to her. The Golden Queen needed a psychic for her evil schemes and for some relationship advice. The Dreamcatcher loved to gossip as much as coming up with a cunning plans so she gladly joined the Doom Raiders. However, due to her mischievous nature, the Golden Queen has not quite trusted her relationship advice.

Since the Dreamcatcher is a Doom Raider, she is equipped with three different attacks. She summons a Sheep-Filled Dream Tornado for her first attack. This attack shoots straight in the direction she is facing and will damage enemies in it’s path. It moves fast though, so you really have to be accurate with your aim if you expect to hit your target. When you do hit your target, you are rewarded with pretty good damage. Her second attack will summon a Dream Device that attacks the enemy it lands on. Since it only attacks one enemy it’s best used against the medium to large enemies. It will do heavy damage as it tries to squeeze the head of it’s target. This is usually enough to vanquish the target in one shot. For her third attack she can summon a Dreamquake. It starts with a slam on the ground that does a fair amount of damage, but then a swirling vortex of dreams appears and will trap enemies. It’s more of a support attack than a main attack. Once and enemy is trapped then you can use one of her other attacks to finish off the enemy.

You’ll have to wait three levels until you can evolve the Dreamcatcher. Her quest is found on level 11 – The Wiliken Workshop. Dreamcatcher - Villain Review SSOnce you pass the second train on the level, and right before you follow Kaos into the mine, you’ll want to go into the rightmost house that is across the tracks from the mine. You’ll find Rochester here looking for the Dreamcatcher. His quest doesn’t involve a challenge, but he does open a portal which has a bit of treasure in it. You actually have to enter the portal in order to evolve. Once evolved, her hair will turn red, and her bow will change to yellow with greenish blue stars on it. Her tornado attack will improve to be more powerful and to hit multiple enemies. She’ll also be able to summon more dream devices at one time, and her dreamquakes will last longer. Typically a villains active time will increase once they evolve. However, with the Dreamcatcher, her time drains very fast evolved or not. It’s hard to tell if being evolved makes any difference. For as fast as her time depletes it also regenerates at the same rate, so she’ll be able to get back into action pretty fast.

Overall, I expected more from the Dreamcatcher. Her attacks are just a little too frustrating to use. Her tornado attack is ok once she is evolved, but before that it seems very hard to accurately attack with it. The dream device attack is cool and powerful, but it will only attack one enemy at a time. That’s ok, but sometimes they miss and its very hard to take out a large group of enemies with that attack. Most disappointingly is that she does not stay active long enough. When you put a Doom Raider in the trap you expect to be able to use one of these best of the best for longer than most other villains. In her case she might have one of the shortest active times. She’s not a horrible villain to use, but for a Doom Raider I would expect a little more.

SkylanderNutts gives Dreamcatcher…

7.5 out of 10

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