Dr. Krankcase – Villain Review

Dr KrankcaseDr. Krankcase – Villain Review

Dr. Krankcase is a Tech trappable villain that you can capture after defeating him at the end of the eleventh level – Wilikin Workshop. Dr. Krankcase is not the healing kind of doctor. In fact, no one really knows what he is a doctor of. However, his technical engineering achievements are legendary. His success lies in his glowing green goo which makes wooden objects come to life and turn evil. This unique skill made him a valuable asset for the Doom Raiders who have plenty of need for evil wooden creatures. Dr. Krankcase was also an inspiration to Kaos who used the Dr.’s research to create his own wooden creatures, the Wilikin. Kaos was also a fan of Dr. Krankcase’s interest in world domination and doom engineering.

Dr. Krankcase has three different attacks since he is a Doom Raider. For his main attack, he spins his legs around and slides forwards. It’s a bit of a modified dash attack. It does some decent damage and it can knock back the smaller enemies, but the spin and dash doesn’t last long so you will probably only hit one or two of the enemies you are aiming for. We found that it just didn’t land as many hits as we thought it should. Sometimes it wouldn’t hit at all as we passed right through or by a group of enemies. His second attack fires his goo blast gun. This attack at least hit multiple enemies maybe multiple times as the goo shoots from the gun. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, but because it appears to hit multiple times and multiple enemies easily, it might actually do more damage than the spinning leg attack. Unfortunately this attack is also short, meaning you have to fire over and over to damage enemies. There is no continuous stream of this attack. For his final attack, he can shoot lightning from his fingertips. This attack easily hits those who are in front of him. It’s does the least amount of damage, but it also freezes the enemies in place. This makes it a great set up move for one of the other two attacks. He can either spin attack right at the frozen enemies, and probably not miss, or he can use his goo gun and dowse his motionless prey.

You’ll definitely want to have Dr. Krankcase loaded up in a trap for level 12 – Time Town. Dr. Krankcase - Villain Review SSHis quest can be found near the beginning of the level. There is no challenge to his quest, but once you evolve him, you will be able to use him at special dioramas scattered throughout the level. He can spray these dioramas with his goo to unlock new rooms and areas. You’ll need to find all of these areas if you want to get all of the stars for the level. Once he is evolved his coat will change to a purple color, which I think looks pretty good on him. His leg spinning attack will also do increased damage and travel further. It’s still not far enough though. His goo blast will hit more often which is nice. His lightning attack will also hit more often and will do increased damage. It’s still pretty weak though, so you’ll only want to use it to freeze your enemies, or to fry a bunch of small enemies quickly.

Overall, Dr. Krankcase is a better engineer than a fighter. His attacks are all serviceable and can be fun to use, but he’s not going to deliver knockout damage, or quickly dominate his enemies. As a Doom Raider, you might expect a little more power. But his power is in his brain, not his weapons. So once you use him to open all of the dioramas in Time Town you probably won’t use him again. You more than likely will have another villain who can deal some bigger damage, even if it’s the only good attack that villain has. You may also want to keep him in the portal just to hear his dialogue. He does have one of the more interesting personalities of the villains. In the end, he is a good villain to use, but he just doesn’t quite make it into the top tier of villains that you will use the most.

SkylanderNutts gives Dr. Krankcase…

8.0 out of 10

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