Eye Scream – Villain Review

Eye Scream – Villain Review

Eye Scream - Villain ReviewEye Scream is a mystery element villain that can be captured near the end of the Monster Marsh level of Skylanders Trap Team. Eye Scream will be unable to be trapped until you apply one of the Light or Dark expansion packs to the game. At that point you will discover that you need a Dark Trap to capture Eye Scream. Once trapped you will still need to start the level over again in order to get to Eye Scream’s quest which is also found on the Monster Marsh level. She is a rather creepy female monster who constantly complains about her long hair. It’s a good thing she has that long hair because it’s when she moves it and we see her strange eyeball filled mouth then we all scream for Eye Scream!

Eye scream is a dark element villain once you have used a Light or Dark Expansion pack. She is not the first Dark Element villain you can catch but she can be the first one you evolve, since her quest is right near the start of the seventh level – Monster Marsh. She only has two attacks and neither one is very powerful. Her first attack will summon five mini eyeballs that will charge any nearby enemy. Each one does a little damage, and if all five of them hit the same target, some decent damage can be had. But the eye’s don’t always charge the enemy you want them to, so aiming the attack or taking out a specific high profile target is not going to be easy. Her secondary attack summons one large eyeball which charges a nearby enemy. You still don’t have much control over where this attack goes. It’s likely that the eyeball will charge the enemy that you want it too, but sometimes it just blows up a nearby barrel or other destructible item. It’s also not much more powerful than the  total of the smaller eyeballs. This means that Eye Scream doesn’t have any devastating attacks, and since they are both hard to aim, neither one is very useful.Eye Scream - Villain Review SS

You will find Eye Scream’s quest near the beginning of level 7 – Monster Marsh. This is an actual challenge quest, so you will be tasked with finding a bunch of ghosts that are hiding in barrels and escorting them back to their spaceship. If you get hit while escorting these ghosts they will get scared and run away. You will have to go back and get it again. You get plenty of time though so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.  And there are more than just six of them hiding so finding enough isn’t too hard either. Once you complete the quest, Eye Scream will evolve, which switches her colors. Her orange body turns blue like her hair, and her hair turns orange like her body. It doesn’t necessarily make her look stronger, but it does look a little more creepy. Her active time seems to be very long. This balances out her rather weak attack power. Even with a longer active time though, I’m not sure you will want to use Eye Scream too often.

Overall, Eye Scream isn’t much to look at. You can summon eyeballs that randomly run around and attack nearby targets and generally create some chaos but you’ll never have full control. Her active time is pretty long, and at least she offers an actual challenge for her quest. When it comes down to it though, if you want to beat the tougher enemies or even a boss, you will probably want to select a different villain. We all scream for Eye Scream all right, we all scream for her to do something useful. Use Eye Scream a couple times to experience the creepiness and her quest, then put her back in the vault and go with someone else.

SkylanderNutts gives Eye Scream…

4.0 out of 10

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