Krypt King and Nitro Krypt King – Skylander Review

Krypt King and Nitro Krypt King – Skylander Review

Krypt King and Nitro Krypt King - Skylander Review Krypt KingKrypt King is a new Undead Trap Master making his debut in Trap Team. Krypt King also has an alternate variant called Nitro Krypt King which is exclusive to Target.  Krypt King used to wander Skylands as a spirit of a knight. One day he found an ancient Arkeyan weapon vault. Within the vault he found an extremely powerful suit of armor. When he put on the armor, it triggered the vault’s defense system. Alarms blared and a massive sealed chamber opened revealing a huge army of war machines. Krypt King leapt into action. Using a giant sword that he had also found in the vault, he swung and chopped until the army was completely destroyed. Krypt King realized that he was in control of a great power and wanted to put it to better use. So he sought out the Skylanders and was made a member of the Trap Team. Now he uses his Traptanium Broadsword to cut down evil.

Krypt King is a powerful looking Knight character. His large stature and massive armor are only overshadowed by a giant Traptanium sword. Once you do get by the sword, you’ll notice that he does have some very powerful armor. Krypt King wears black armor trimmed in gold and wears a large helmet with four glowing red lights. This gives Krypt King a menacing and evil look. His upper body and arms are protected by some chest armor with Krypt King and Nitro Krypt King - Skylander Review Nitro Krypt King big flaring shoulder protectors, giant thick gauntlets and some gloves. His legs and feet are also well covered in matching boots and armor. Nitro Krypt King drops the black colored armor in favor of gold armor with the signature “Nitro” checker pattern showing on the shoulder and waist. The Arkeyan design of his armor gives Krypt King a very robotic look. But when you look closely at Krypt King’s arms and legs you can see his undead white bones peaking out of the uncovered areas. The Nitro version of Krypt King makes these bones black in color, but either way they show you that there is indeed a body of sorts controlling the armor and that it’s NOT just another Arkeyan robot.

Krypt King’s main attack is of course his Traptanium Broadsword. The base attack swings the sword or you can press the attack button three times in a row for  a simple combo attack. Krypt King’s second attack though can not be predicted by just looking at his character. It’s called The Swarm, and when you press the secondary attack button, Krypt King’s helmet splits apart and a swarm of undead insects is released which then go to attack your enemies. After an upgrade, a third attack allows Krypt King to haunt his Traptanium sword and steer it towards his enemies. This is basically a ranged melee attack as you can keep Krypt King out of harms way while still using the power of his sword. It’s a cool idea, but in practice I found that the sword was pretty slow to move across the map and it doesn’t stay detached from Krypt King for very long before it disappears. This means in order to use the sword effectively you’ll still need to be pretty close to your enemies leaving you vulnerable to attack while using it. Luckily since it doesn’t stay detached for long, by the time you get a couple swings in, the sword will be back, and you’ll be able to move back out of the way of your enemies, or just destroy them with a couple of regular sword swings. There is however an upgrade for the Haunted Sword that will also slow down the enemies that it touches. This can help Krypt King put extra distance between himself and who he is battling when the Haunted Sword disappears. A couple of the other upgrades just give Krypt King more power and reach to the sword attacks, and a larger swarm of undead insects.

Krypt King and Nitro Krypt King - Skylander Review Gameplay ScreenshotWhen it comes time to select your upgrade path, you will have to decide if you want to upgrade your sword attacks or your swarm attacks. If you choose the Lord of the Sword path, then you are going to get an upgrade to your armor, an upgrade to your sword attack, and a set of combo attacks for your sword. It’s a rather boring upgrade path to say the least, but if you like to perform combos then you’ll have two new ones to try. Choosing the Swarm of the Summoner Path might be your better option. In this path, your swarm will start to stun enemies, you’ll be able to charge the swarm by hitting it with your Traptanium Broadsword, and you’ll get healed by the swarm once it dies. The soul gem ability is called Unlimited Traptanium Works. It’s a passive attack meaning you don’t have to do anything to get it to activate. While you are fighting, if you land a critical hit, then a rain of sword will come down on your enemies, doing even more damage. It’s good to have, but since you can’t directly control it, you won’t be able to rely on it when your are in trouble. You’ll just have to hope the attack you do use produces a critical hit to get the bonus damage from the raining swords.

Overall Krypt King is a decent Trap Master to use. However, I found his sword attack to be rather simple and boring and something we’ve seen many times before. He is also rather slow with no type of dash attack to balance his slowness. Even his sword attacks can feel like they are slow to pull off. None of his attacks are very devastating, however, simply swinging his sword around after the upgrades in power is all that really needs to be done to wipe out waves of enemies. The swarm attack is the most interesting and unique attack Krypt King has. It does a good job at taking out weaker enemies from afar but it also doesn’t always hit a target. Since he is the launch Undead Trap Master, he is the only choice for now. His powerful sword will certainly get the job done, but if you want something a little less generic and you don’t already have an Undead Trap Master then you may want to wait and see what Short Cut has when he is released. I don’t believe any Skylander is truly a bad Skylander, but Krypt King really toes the line of mediocrity and being too generic.

SkylanderNutts gives Krypt King and Nitro Krypt King…

6.0 out of 10

Krypt King and Nitro Krypt King Video Review

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