Trap Team Wave 2 Skylanders

Skylanders TrapTeam Wave 2Well, it didn’t take long. Just two days after the release of Skylanders Trap Team and the Wave 1 Skylanders, Toys R Us has started to sell Trap Team Wave 2 characters. In the past Toys R Us almost always gets first dibs on selling the new Skylanders. So it’s no surprise that they have shown up at Toys R Us first. It is a bit of a surprise that it’s happened just 2 days after the release. If you don’t like the pay the Toys R Us premium for getting those characters early (though they often run buy one get one 40% off which almost makes up for the increase) you should start seeing this wave trickle into other retailers over the next few weeks. So here is the list of Trap Team Wave 2 Skylanders now available at Toys R Us.  

Trap MastersLob-Star Trap Team Wave 2



Head Rush

Core Skylanders

Fist Bump

Tread Head

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz

Full Blast Jet-VacTread Head Trap Team Wave 2

Hog Wild Fryno

Adventure Packs

Mirror of Mystery


Air Hourglass

Air Screemer

Earth HourglassFizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz Trap Team Wave 2

Earth Toucan

Fire Screemer


Life Toucan

Magic Axe

Magic Hourglass

Tech AngelBushwack Trap Team Wave 2

Tech Hand

Undead Axe

Undead Hand

Water Angel

Water Axe

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