Trap Team Arena Battles – Phoenix Nest

Trap Team Arena Battles - Phoenix NestLias and I are back with a look at Trap Team’s Arena Battles. Today we tackle the first set of Arena’s called Phoenix Nest. There are four arena in total and we tackle them all in this video. The first is called Artillery Attack. We dodge bombs while we fight waves of enemies. In the second challenge, we play Nest Ball. In this battle there is a glowing ball that we must pick up to get a power boost. If we get hit though we drop the ball. The third challenge is called Birdy Bombs. Baby birdies will pop out of the next in random places and chomp anyone who gets too close. And Finally we play Perilous Perch Skirmish which combines all of the three previous arenas. Check it out and let us know what you think of Trap Team Arena Battles – Phoenix Nest.


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