Spring Edition Skylanders Available at Best Buy

Spring Edition Skylanders Best BuyWell, I was in my local Best Buy this afternoon and to my surprise the new Spring Edition Skylanders were on the shelves. There were not very many of them but I quickly grabbed Springtime Trigger Happy, Fryno, and Punk Shock. All of them are in their Easter Egg packaging. This was a little earlier as I was expecting since an earlier leaked web posting at Best Buy indicated that the release date would be April 6th. However, unlike at Target where they put a hard release date of 3/23 in their computer for Nitro Freeze Blade, no one stopped us at Best Buy to take away the characters. Who knows, I may have just been lucky, since they are not yet available online or for in-store pick up. So if you are looking for these new characters give your local Best Buy a call or stop by.

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