Wave 4 Release Date Outed?

SpringTimeTriggerHappy_BestBuyA strange thing happened the other day on the Best Buy website. For a short period of time, they had three new Skylanders available for pre-order. The available date was April 6, 2014. Now that’s a long time away, and the listings have since been removed. But it makes one wonder, was that the release date for the next wave of Skylanders? Perhaps Best Buy was waaayyy ahead of Punk Shock Best Buythemselves and that was some wave 5 characters? It’s hard to know but the images leave a lot of questions that fans will probably have wait to find out the answers too.

The characters shown were Fryno, Punk Shock, and Springtime Trigger Happy. What was most intriguing about the listings was the packaging that was shown. Each figure came in special “Easter Egg” colored packaging. Fryno_BestBuyThis raises a lot of questions. Are these characters only going to be available around Easter? Are these special Easter edition packaging for characters that might be released a month earlier in regular packaging? Are these characters exclusive to Best Buy? Are all characters going to have Easter packaging at Best Buy around this time? Will they still be available early for pre-order much like the silver Heavy Duty Sprocket was? Is the wave 4 release date going to be April 6, 2014? I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to any of these questions. Hopefully Wave 4 comes sooner than that, but at least we know the Easter Bunny should be bringing a few new Skylanders to this house!

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